Energy Efficiency Projects in Ukraine


Poltava consortium is headed by the Poltava Regional State Administration. Seeing the development and implementation of comprehensive energy efficiency measures as one of its priorities.

Poltava consortium focuses its efforts in areas such as:

  • introduction of systematic energy in municipal buildings;
  • development of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP);
  • implementation of education, information and awareness campaigns for energy consumers.

Achieved so far:

  • Energy monitoring systems were installed in Horishni Plavni, Poltava and Lubny. They empower municipalities to monitor energy consumption and budget expenditures, identify the most energy intensive buildings in need for immediate implementation of energy efficiency measures;
  • In 2014 Horishni Plavni and Lubny joined the Covenant of Mayors;
  • A project on upgrading the street lighting by applying highly efficient lamps and solar energy was implemented in Myrhorod. In Horishni Plavni project proposal and business plan for a loan from NEFCO were prepared to finance similar measures;
  • Solar hot water supply is installed at an energy efficient pre-school in Myrhorod;
  • Schools of the region implement an educational project aimed at changing behaviour of energy users.

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