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Schools of Korosten adopt German experience of implementing educational projects on energy efficiency

On February 15, 2016 Korosten hosted a regular meeting with the consultants of Ukrainian-German technical cooperation project “Energy Efficiency in Municipalities” implemented by GIZ. It was attended by the consultant in the field of implementing energy saving educational projects in Germany Mr. Jorg Ackerman, Ms.Svitlana Chebotarova, Project Specialist, and Mr. Dmytro Marusych, Project Expert.

The educational project on energy efficiency is being implemented in the schools of Korosten since December 2015, aimed at providing training for the persons responsible for energy monitoring, facility management and energy conservation on using the system of benchmarking in the process of analyzing energy resources consumption in the municipal educational establishments of Zhytomyr-led consortium, as well as a comprehensive introduction of energy saving issues in the school curricula and the development of encouraging mechanisms for teachers and schoolchildren with the view to achieve energy saving and convey the importance of thrifty and rational use of energy resources.

At the beginning of the event, local educators introduced their achievements in the field of energy conservation within the project deriving from the implementation of energy efficiency measures in the school buildings and systematic informational and educational work with the schoolchildren. Mr. Jorg Ackerman, for his part, presented the best practices of implementing educational projects on energy efficiency in Germany and suggested the ways of their successful application in Ukraine.

In the framework of the visit, the project experts visited Secondary School №5 and Korosten City College where they demonstrated the use of important energy efficiency technologies, including the methods of correct ventilation and conducting thermographic surveys. In order to encourage the schoolchildren to get actively involved in the implementation of energy efficiency measures, the project experts presented the schools with special devices for measuring illumination level in the classrooms, electrical capacity and surface temperatures, as well as thermometers to measure the indoor air temperature.

At the end of the visit, Korosten Municipality together with the project experts outlined the next steps in the course of implementing the educational project taking into account the experience gained from their foreign colleagues.

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