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Chernivtsi shares the experience of implementing school campaigns on energy efficiency with other municipalities in the region

On March 21 – 22, 2016 the towns of Kitsman and Hlyboka of Chernivtsi oblast hosted the onsite workshops for schoolchildren and teachers of secondary educational institutions, dedicated to implementing school campaigns on energy efficiency with a special focus on gender-sensitive issues. The events were organized under the Dialogue Platform in the framework of Ukrainian – German cooperation project “Energy Efficiency in Municipalities” implemented by GIZ.

Agenda of the workshops included various presentations and lectures, questionnaires and discussion of practical energy saving tips, energy efficiency games for schoolchildren etc.

Participants studied the experience of Chernivtsi in the field of implementing school campaigns on energy efficiency aimed at promoting a pro-active and responsible energy saving stand and thrifty attitude towards energy resources amongst the schoolchildren. Also, they had an opportunity to investigate whether the school premises meet the core principles of energy conservation.

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