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Interactive map of “warm” lending

State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine (SAEE) has just launched the Ukrainian “warm” incentive programme online map that provides information about national as well as local incentive programmes in regions, districts and cities for investments in energy efficiency measures. Also the map is a perfect illustration of how successfully citizens from all over Ukraine managed to energetically modernize their dwellings with the help of “warm loans”.

The energy tariffs increase is a challenging, but necessary step of the government. Naturally, it is a hit on the wallet of any Ukrainian consumer. To support the Ukrainians in their striving for energy efficiency, the Government is implementing the wide-scale energy efficiency support programme throughout Ukraine, which helps local consumers to reduce their bills by 30-40% and lighten their “tariff” burden. In addition, SAEE works with local authorities on a regular basis with a view to assist in the development of local compensation programmes. As a result, local compensation schemes top-up the state run incentive programme. As of 1 July 2016, the number of programmes already established, amounted to 172: 24 regional, 89 district and 59 municipal programmes. Among them, 74 programmes were adopted to be funded in the current year within the scope of 42 million UAH. Generally, local budgets have already provided over 10 million UAH for the reimbursement of loans.

In order to orient an ordinary citizen, what kind of state support he can receive, SAEE, supported by the Project “Establishment of Energy Agencies in Ukraine”, which is implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB), has launched an online map on its official website, which is available at any time, and provides consumers with detailed information about the state and local programmes and the stages of their implementation throughout Ukraine.

“Most significantly, our current task is to keep the Ukrainians well-informed about additional support programmes by “warm loans”, as well as about the help they can possibly get from authorities at different levels. We provide people with complete information given in lay terms. All information is quickly accessible, and more importantly, there’s no need to surf the web: you can find everything on our website!”, explaines Roman Palahusynets, the project promoter, and the Chief of Regional Management Division, Project Management and International Cooperation Department, SAEE.

From now on, just with a couple of mouse clicks, you are able to access information about regional, district, and municipal energy saving eased-lending programmes for consumers, their development stages, duration periods, areas of focus, recovery percentage, scopes of annual funding, number of borrowers who received the recovery, as well as real examples of buildings where different energy efficiency measures have been already implemented and whose owners are saving energy and money already now.

Additional information: “Warm lending” offers a certain compensation when purchasing energy efficient equipment by consumers, condominiums or household cooperatives: 20% (individuals), 40% (condominiums/household cooperatives) and 70% (recipients of public subsidies). For the first time in many years, Ukraine is actively using European approaches to energy efficiency strategies implementation. More than 140 000 families have already used this opportunity. Since the programme has been launched, over 2 billion UAH were issued for “warm loans”. To satisfy the high demand of the incentive programme, in 2016 the state budget foresees expenditures to cover 893,8 million UAH for “warm loans”, which is three times as much as in 2015.

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