Проекти з енергоефективності в Україні

The Best Places to Watch a UFC Fight in Vegas

Even though it’s hard to beat the experience of attending a live UFC event at venues such as T-Mobile Arena or MGM Grand Garden Arena, private and public viewing parties around Las Vegas provide a romantic view of the action from every angle, comprise all the extreme”knockdown-by-submission-attempt” comment and may integrate added amenities like specialty menus, VIP bottle service or even free access to driving range hitting bays.
If you’re looking for a fight nighttime experience that checks all the boxes for a full day out in Vegas, one of these destinations might be the ideal place to watch the next marquee UFC Fight Night or PPV event.
Nine Fine Irishmen @ NYNY Hotel & Casino
When it comes to watching the UFC, seeing it live is best. But, Nine Fine Irishmen will provide you the next-best-thing with its own closed circuit UFC viewing parties. Watch the fight with some of your closest friends while enjoying the conveniences of everything which accompanies your regional Irish pub. What could be better than rooting in your favourite fighter while not needing to worry about cleaning up after?
NFI features quite a few fight-ready foods and an array of draught and bottle beers, whiskeys, cocktails and wine that will keep you rooting to be an Irishman viewing the fight live in front of your own eyes. There are no bar-room brawls, and struggles are strictly limited to the ones on the TV, but being amongst comr??da?? can make this bar feel just like you’re in the home.

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