Energy Efficiency Projects in Ukraine


Mr. OLEH PRUHLO, Deputy Head of Poltava Regional State Administration: “Regional authority should become a leader to provide the other cities with successful examples to follow”

The need to preserve natural resources, save budget funds and, above all, change people’s mindset were amongst the core factors of the primary motivation for the towns and cities of Poltava region to start cooperation within the project “Energy Efficiency in Municipalities”. It was important to consolidate the efforts in the right direction.

Energy efficiency improvement remains the biggest challenge for the region, where the energy consumption level is three times higher than, for instance, in Poland. Particularly, in some buildings the heat consumption level exceeds six times the average for Ukraine. Decreasing energy consumption and raising public awareness can significantly reduce the financial burden on residents and local budgets, while the savings could be used to implement energy efficiency projects. Amongst others, the introduction of a comprehensive energy monitoring system is an effective and useful instrument to attract investments. Development of ESCO market is also one of the further promising areas for improving energy efficiency in the region.

  • “Knowledge is one of the most valuable achievements for us under the cooperation with the project: we should learn how to work efficiently on the way to achieving our goals. With the support of the project, representatives and leaders of Poltava region as well as specific partner cities of our consortium step by step keep learning how to save money, to progress and to avoid just “moving from side to side”. To this end, we are trying to study and apply international experience, e.g. of Germany, Poland and the United States. “

Currently, Poltava starts the introduction of energy monitoring and benchmarking systems in public buildings. In this context Poltava consortium is studying the experience of Dnipro, where the energy monitoring system has been successfully in operation. Some municipalities of our consortium, such as Myrhorod and Horishni Plavni, have already introduced this system and developed their own strategies for energy efficient development. The energy monitoring system is expected to be implemented in Poltava region to its full extent by the end of 2016.

At the regional level, Poltava Regional State Administration is trying to implement a coherent strategic approach towards energy efficiency covering all the concerned areas. For example, two big projects in the field of waste management will be implemented soon, which is also important in the context of optimizing the use of energy: the projects are currently at the stage of development and preparation of a business plan.

  • “Money is a very important impetus; however the most essential is to change the behavioural and thinking patterns of the residents. Sometimes the ad hoc efforts to solve the problems slow down strategic planning and achieving results. Therefore, a comprehensive approach towards energy efficiency and capacity building of the municipalities is a key factor”.

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