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Network 06.

or more simply: the Network 06. Email Address: a comment 1 attachment Group presentation GD 64 By Celine Puyo on 12/19/14 – 2:07 p.m. In: Southwest Region> GD 64 – Pyrenees Atlantiques group presentation languages> regional languages ??languages> Modern languages ??in our group, you will meet teachers 1st degree teaching in multi-age classes of rural and urban schools, bilingual schools Basque public, in calandretas (secular associative schools immersive Occitan in new pedagogy), but also in e 1 attachment the International Sector Icem-Freinet pedagogy by Claude Beaunis on 16/03/19 – 9:48 p.m. in: Gr.

International presentation of the group’s international sector was reactivated during the International Meeting of Freinet Educators Ljungskile (Su of) July 22, 2018. A charter was drawn as to its operation and action. All Northern Regional Group information Pas-de-Calais 59/62 in 2018-2019 By Sylvie Hospitel on 29/03/10 – 7:37 p.m.

In: Nord Pas-de-Calais> GD 59 – North Region Nord Pas-de-Calais> GD 62 – Pas-de-Calais Region Nord Pas-de-Calais presentation group Meeting Add comment 3 attachments GD 31 (Haute Garonne): presentation by Christian Borgetto on 10/10/11 – 0:06 in: Southwest> GD 31 – Haute-Garonne group presentation GD 31 meets once per school year in the class of a colleague. Meetings are held on Saturdays from 10 am to 18 pm 00 00 (coop with meals).

The alternate day practical work based on applications, theoretical, times when we move (plastic art, EPS, music etc …) All cycles from kindergarten to CM2, and the secondary are represented. 4 attachments »
working group on urban schools, based in 93. Modern School Reunion Urban Schools By Mireille Rousseau 12/02/19 – 24:55 In: Gr Urban Schools Meeting dates:.

02/13/19 – 10:00 – 1:00 p.m. Place: School Samira Bellil 31 Quai de Seine, 93450 L’Ile-Saint-Denis meeting which will focus on sound and musical practices in pedagogy freinet. Feel free to make audio recordings of your classes if you have any. RER D Gare Saint-Denis then: pass the bridge, arriving at the town hall of the island is behind the school. (4 min walk).

Do not arrive after 10.00 am because there will be no guardian. Add comment Meeting School group Modern, urban schools By Helene Aubert on 03/10/18 – 8:25 In: Gr Urban Schools Meeting Dates: 06/12/19 – 10:00 – 16:00 Location:. School at determine dance? Add comment Meeting School group Modern, urban schools By Helene Aubert on 03/10/18 – 8:23 In: Gr Urban Schools Meeting Dates: 05/15/19 – 10:00 – 16:00 Location:.

School at Back determine practices Add comment Meeting School group Modern, urban schools by Helene Aubert on 03/10/18 – 8:22 in: Gr urban schools Meeting dates:. 17/04/19 – 10:00 – 16:00 Location: Carson School, 2-8, rue Henri Delaunay, 93200 Saint-Denis Housing – Tatex meeting prepared by Anais, Remy Stephane Add comment meeting School group Modern, urban schools by Helene Aubert on 10/03/18 – 08 : 19 in: Gr urban schools Meeting dates:.

03/27/19 – 10:00 – 16:00 Location: School determining Read -write a comment Meeting School group Modern, urban schools By Helene Aubert on 03/10 / 18 – 8:17 In: Gr urban Schools Meeting dates: 13/02/19 – 10:00 – 16:00 Location:. School Samira Bellil sound practices , Music Add Comment Meeting School group Modern, urban schools By Helene Aubert on 03/10/18 – 8:14 In: Gr Urban Schools Meeting dates:.

01/23/19 – 10:00 – 16:00 Location: school Rose Garden, 47, rue Pinel, 93200 Saint-Denis Mathematics Meeting prepared by Stephen and Helen M Meeting school group Modern, urban schools by Helene Aubert on 03/10/18 – 8:11 In: Gr schools. urban Meeting dates: 12/12/18 – 10:00 – 16:00 Location: School Maria Casares, 3, Cristino Garcia Street, 93200 Saint-Denis the game – the game Meeting prepared by Stephanie, Alice, Helena Add comment Meeting School of the group Modern, urban schools By Helene Aubert on 10/03/18 – 8:08 In: Gr urban schools Meeting dates: 11/21/18 – 10:00 – 16:00 Location:. School Rachel Carson 2- 8, rue Henri Delaunay, 93200 Saint-Denis practice Meeting: Art, engraving Meeting prepared by Claudia, Mireille and Stephanie Add comment Meeting School group Modern, urban schools By Helene Aubert on 10/03/18 – 8:04 In: Gr Urban Schools Meeting Dates: 17/10/18 – 10:00 – 16:00 Location:.

Samira school Belil, 31, quai de Seine, 93450 L’Ile Saint Denis, Stephane class Knowledge – trade: tools for assessing, tools Caring meeting prepared by Stephane and Remy We decided at the first meeting to begin a county newspaper: each comes with a duplex page composed by her class (typo big enough, small top right frame with the name and address of the class and school) 15 copies. 1 2 3 4 next> last »
By Eric Joffre 05/08/09 – 3:34 p.m.

In: GD 07 – Ardeche presentation of the History Group: The Departmental group Ardeche counted members from the 30’s alongside Freinet. School newspapers evidenced (funds bequeathed the departmental archives) and a group of newspaper called the Choice of Art published until the 90s Currently: Due to its unique geography, the department now has two groups: localized in southern Ardeche around Aubenas and a second north on the Annonay basin.

Regular meetings are held in each group, as well as joint meetings of both groups. Feel free to contact us and join us! A common mailing list is link to both groups. To subscribe, write to: Contacts: ICEM Group 07 “Boosting Cooperation for School in Motion” – Aubenas – Annonay mel: Eric Joffre, member and correspondent for the ICEM and the Workshop Teaching Tools mel: O.C.C.E.

07, Besignoles – Mines Road – 07000 Privas T: 04 75 64 May 83; mel: The reception classes in the year the Ardeche department from 2018 to 2019 if you want to come observe classes teacher-es-es beginner or experienced es cooperatives pedagogies, or simply talk with elleux, do not hesitate to contact us. The e-s-teacher below are ready-e-s to welcome you in their class!

Jeanne – CE2-CM1-CM2 – Ecole Publique – 1 Rue des Ecoles – 07340 ANDANCE Nelly – Unique Class – Public School – The Village – 07190 SAINT-JULIEN-DU-GUA / 04 75 66 87 11 Flora – CE2-CM1-CM2 – public elementary School – the Village – 07100 SAINT-MARCEL-LES-ANNONAY – April 75 67 November 81 Emilie – Unique Class CE1 to CM2 – public elementary School – the Village – 07530 GENESTELLE – April 75 88 September 21 Camille – Unique Class , public primary school, village, 07570 LABATIE ANDORRA – 04 75 06 60 39 Camille – single class (experimental co-teaching with Emily and Laura, who accept submissions but are not part of the ICEM) – public School – 07190 SAINT-ETIENNE-DE-GREENHOUSE – April 75 65 48 59 Attachment Size icem wafer-07 1012.59 KB Add comment
5 Results Organize Knowledge Market In: Teaching Building East edited by a Departmental Group to review teachers Math> Geometry Teaching Techniques> Learning Teaching Techniques> class organization> part of the master teaching techniques> Technical knowledge exchange teaching> market knowledge July 2009 Author: Bruce Demauge-Bost more Our knowledge market in: the New Educator PEMF for teachers review instructional techniques> knowledge teaching techniques exchanges> market knowledge March 2000 exchange of knowledge Authors: Catherine and Sylvie Chabrun Clerc more Adventure knowledge of markets for a year in: the New Educator PEMF for teachers review teaching techniques> exchange of knowledge teaching techniques> knowledge market in November 2005 Es Such Fleuridas, Gasquet Isabelle and Thibaut Salem teach in Nanterre in the 92 strong in three different experiments combining complementary inputs such as the practice of multi-age, pedagogies and Institutional Freinet and theories of the AFL, they decided in June 2004 to develop a joint work plan to create exchanges between classes, children and their parents.

One of the three classes, starting in discovery astronomy class, they led these exchanges (knowledge and practices) to science. Authors: Estelle Fleuridas Isabelle Gasquet and Tibault Salem market knowledge: a knowledge tool and effective statistics homework answers
… In: The New Educator PEMF For teachers review teaching techniques> knowledge exchange teaching techniques> market Cathy Tricoche knowledge November 2005, teaches in a small rural school in two classes (Beaussais 79) RPI (Inter teaching Grouping) with another school 3 classes (Vitre), located 4 km that does not work in pedagogy Freinet.Dans school Beaussais, C.Tricoche a class CP (17 children) and that of H.Nosten EC1 / EC2 (20enfants) both work in Freinet.

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ІІІ Energy Partnership Forum ’17 “Energy Management: Best Practices”, Kyiv

Оn April 27, 2017, the “Parkovyi” Convention and Exhibition Center in Kyiv will host the III Energy Partnership Forum ’17 “Energy Management: Best Practices”. Organisers: State Agency…

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Seminar “Effective management of a multi-family building. New opportunities for internally displaced persons”, Харків

The event will be held in Kharkiv, on April 26, 2017 at 11:00 a.m., with the support of the project “Energy Efficiency in Municipalities” implemented on…

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(Українська) Тренінг “Регіональна програма розбудови енергоменеджменту в містах Харківської області”, Харків

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