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Mr. DMYTRO NAUMENKO, Director of the Municipal Enterprise “Project Implementation Group” (KP GVP): “The situation in the field of energy saving is changing today – people learn to use energy in a more responsible way”

Consolidation of efforts at all the levels in order to achieve energy independence is an important factor of success. Therefore, one of the key objectives of the project “Energy Efficiency in Municipalities”, which is being implemented on behalf of the German Government by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, is sharing the experience of successful implementation of energy efficiency measures through cooperation with other municipalities, as well as organizations and enterprises, where energy efficiency improvement remains one of the biggest challenges.

Therefore, the project has established a Dialogue Platform, which is an effective tool to reach sustainability of the achieved projects results through dissemination of knowledge and best practices gained by the partner cities amongst the other municipalities of Ukraine. The Dialogue Platform allows exchanging experience and involving all the stakeholders in discussing and addressing the key challenges of energy efficiency improvement.

In particular, energy saving and energy efficiency improvement in the municipality are amongst the key directions of activity for Mr. Dmytro Naumenko, Director of the Municipal Enterprise “Project Implementation Group” (KP GVP) of Kyiv City State Administration. The company strives to achieve three main targets: to save energy and search for the sources of credit repayment, to improve sanitary conditions in public sector buildings, as well as to demonstrate and share successful experience of payback investments. According to Mr. Naumenko, improving sanitary conditions of public buildings, especially schools and kindergartens, is an important motivation factor, since the situation there often remains unsatisfactory, and children had to wear their warm upper clothing when staying in premises.

  • “Ukraine is still lacking a sufficient level of knowledge and experience in the field of reconstruction related to energy efficient refurbishment and reduction of energy consumption. It is considered by many people as merely replacement of windows and doors. At the same time, very few of them are aware, for instance, of the cold bridges. They did not think about these issues as long as prices of electricity were very low. Today the situation has changed, and people learn to use energy in a more responsible way”

In the context of optimizing the use of energy, it is necessary to determine the most effective measures. As mentioned by Mr. Naumenko, their successful implementation depends on the practical experience, since the theory is known to often differ from practice. This applies in particular to ensuring the proper level of work quality. In this regard, European experience of implementing energy efficiency measures is very useful. Therefore, dissemination of knowledge and enhancing competences of local specialists are amongst the important achievements of the project.

Owing to the cooperation with the project, the KP GVP specialists had an opportunity to participate in the training course in Munich and Feldafing, Germany. During the trainings, Ukrainian specialists gained useful knowledge and practical skills on such issues as fundamentals and methods of municipal energy management, energy efficient building and reconstruction, energy controlling and energy audit, low-cost and non-investment energy efficiency measures, informing and raising public awareness on energy efficiency issues etc.

Upgrading qualification of Ukrainian experts in energy sector as well as recommendations of their international colleagues allowed the KP GVP to implement their own projects (e.g. renovation of kindergartens No 654 at 51/53 Vyborzka St., No 372 “Dzhereltse”at 114a Akademika Zabolotnoho St., No 521 at 6 Henerala Zhmachenka St.). Moreover, upon the results of the training course, participants transfer the acquired experience to other employees of the enterprise, and provide consultations in other cities of Ukraine.

Introduction of ESCO is also one of the further promising areas for improving energy efficiency in Ukraine. According to Mr. Naumenko, it is easier to implement ESCO mechanism in the private sector rather than in the public one. However, it can be an effective instrument for implementing energy efficient projects.

  • “A coherent approach towards improving energy efficiency is required, as well as development and adoption of effective legislation in this area. Capacity building is also an important factor on the way to achieving our goals”

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